Best Agriculture Service Provider Mobile App that you should know in 2022

India is an agricultural country and agriculture mainly provides the means of livelihood for the Indian population. The economy of India is also dependent on agriculture in one way or the other.

Indian customers account for over 30% of the worldwide feature phone market, making it the second-largest in the category. In 2015, there were 720 million mobile phone subscribers in India, of which 320 million live in rural areas. This estimate included 50 million smartphone Internet users. According to the research ‘The Rising Connected Consumer in Rural India’ by Boston Consulting Group, this percentage of rural India will increase to 48 percent by 2020. Recent steps taken by the Government of India may have accelerated this process.

Agtech firms are not protected from a one-to-one problem, as they have only one chance to impress new consumers. Even as IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) have ushered in a new era in agricultural app development, user experience serves as the great equalizer, providing long-term retention to even the tiniest of enterprises. allows competing. As the agriculture industry becomes more mobile, mobile ag professionals need to be able to find relevant data whenever and wherever a choice is made. And a positive user experience can foster the type of loyalty that keeps people returning for more, improving engagement and confidence with each visit.

Our main objective is to provide maximum information about agriculture and horticulture from a precise point of view to the farmers, traders, or any person. Below we have listed the top 10 best agriculture destinations in India.

Top apps that provide the best information about agricultures

1) Kisaan Helpline Kisaan Helpline Mobile Application is a dedicated Kisan platform providing one-stop services to farmers since 2014. Kisan Helpline is a set of village-level internet portals which now provide various types of services to the farmers. Kisaan Helpline has built a place for itself by assisting over 1.5 lakh farmers throughout India in adopting aware and smart farming practices. Smart Kheti and Krishi App for Farmers is a comprehensive and creative agricultural platform that links farmers and ordinary people from rural areas across the country and assists them in generating high production from their job and effectively managing it. Kisaan Helpline is an online farmer forum where farmers may discuss their issues and offer expert guidance to others. In addition, we have linked Kisaan Helpline with certain agriculture professionals and expert farmers who have advanced their careers in farming and horticulture via research and experience. Farmers may contact specialists and seek help on their crops, seeds, organic pesticides, farming, and horticulture through the Kisaan Helpline site.

2) Gramophone — The smart farming app — Tauseef Khan and Nishant Mahatre, IIT-Kharagpur, and IIM-Ahmedabad classmates created the Gramophone app in 2016. The software, which has mapped over 2.5 million acres of agricultural land, assists farmers in receiving personalized agro advice on crops, soil, and weather, among other things, and serves as a one-stop solution for increasing crop yields. From crop preparation through harvest, crop management is required. Nutrition management, pest and disease control, water management, and intercultural operations are all part of this. This provides the correct diagnosis and creates personalized solutions for farmers.

3) AgriCentral AgriCentral is the greatest Agriculture software for Indian farmers, assisting them in making key decisions in their farming operations in order to boost profitability. It uses cutting-edge technology such as global positioning, satellite images, big data analytics, machine learning, and image analytics to lead farmers into the digital agricultural era. Simply enter your sowing date and kind of cultivation, and CropPlan will provide a customized schedule of farm operations to help you achieve higher yields at a lesser cost. It’s a location where you can engage with progressive farmers from throughout the country and Agri specialists to get answers to your questions.

4) Krishify — The goal is to help every professional in the Indian agriculture industry better their commercial possibilities. At Krishify, we are inspired by the need to link farmers with all key stakeholders, such as other farmers, dealers, distributors, agricultural equipment vendors, cattle physicians, transportation service providers, and so on, through the use of a unified mobile-first and vernacular platform.

5) Agrostar AgroStar is India’s leading AgTech start-up, with the objective of #HelpingFarmersWin by putting a comprehensive variety of Agri solutions at farmers’ fingertips. AgroStar’s greatest agriculture application combines agronomy advice from Agri doctors/experts with agriculture information and goods to help farmers greatly increase their production and profitability. AgroStar presently works in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh, and its Kisan agricultural Helpline app has over 5 lakh farmers registered. Farmers may get Agri solutions for the full crop life cycle with a single “missed call” or through its Android app, which is one of India’s most popular agricultural applications.

6) Krishi Network — The Kisan Network app was created with a bevy of features in mind, including the location of neighboring marketplaces or mandis, weather predictions, seed and fertilizer data, cropping techniques in particular, government initiatives, and real-time insights on technical gear. “The goal behind developing such an app was to revolutionize the agricultural space in India by teaching and empowering farmers to increase yields.” “Today, over 6,00,000 farmers benefit from The Kisan Network app, and we are certain that this figure will grow in the next months,” says co-founder Ashish.

7) BharatAgri BharatAgri is a Smart Kisan & Smart Farming App for Farmers that uses all-new Agri tech solutions (Kheti Badi) and existing technologies like Smart Satellite Mapping, Weather Forecasting, Soil Testing, and Water Testing to assist farmers to boost their total farm revenue. If you want to be a “Smart Farmer,” download and utilize the BharatAgri App (/Krishi app) to obtain the greatest farmer support. We are already aware of the negative impacts of unpredicted weather on agriculture, which can result in farm losses; thus, weather forecasting, pest and disease control, and competent and timely advice from crop specialists are required for improved crop growth.

8) DeHaat Kisan — Get a crop advisory action schedule and sowing date, get crop issue solutions by submitting photographs, map your farm with satellite to receive weekly biotic stress data, check mandi pricing, and other DeHaat services. Create a post to receive answers to all agricultural issues from DeHaat agri experts and other community members, assist members in need by resolving their issues, gain access to articles on modern farming practices created by Agri-experts, watch videos curated for your crops, check agri-news, play quiz to win prizes, and much more.

9) Apni Kheti Apni Kheti is a comprehensive and creative agricultural platform that connects farmers and common people from rural areas across the country, assisting them in creating good production from their job and effectively managing it. Our agricultural mobile app is accessible in various languages and provides users with more information than ever before. Essentially, this agricultural software is an online Farmer’s forum where they may discuss their difficulties and provide professional advice to others. So, join this online social network right now to stay up to current.

10) Traction Field App — The Traction Field app makes it simple to collect and manage soil samples by grid or zone. Begin by loading historical data files with borders, target points, and zones for each field. You may also design field borders and arrange grids for on-the-fly sampling. Navigate to each target point or zone with ease. Because the program can export all data in shapefile format, it is compatible with the majority of agricultural mapping systems. You’ll save time collecting samples, eliminate hours of tiresome tasks, and make good agronomic decisions thanks to its elegant, user-friendly design.


We see a significant trend among agtech companies to integrate with other suppliers when appropriate. Instead of attempting to handle everything themselves, consumers are increasingly being placed at the heart of providers’ plans, which frequently necessitates integrating specific service offers and allowing diverse services to ‘speak to one other.’ If customers already have an agtech app that they use on a daily basis, it may make more sense for other/new providers to collaborate with this incumbent provider rather than forcing them to add another app to their daily routine.

According to Weber, the COVID-19 epidemic has infected practically every aspect of our existence, including the mobile app industry. “The pandemic transformed us as customers, and it had repercussions across many industries, including agriculture,” he adds. “Think about how you use your phone or tablet to rapidly reorder or buy anything on Amazon. It is spreading to the agtech area, where our partners and their consumers anticipate a comparable experience.



Kisaan Helpline is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing a wide choice of quality inputs to farmers at their doorstep.

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Kisaan Helpline

Kisaan Helpline is India’s largest Agri Inputs Marketplace Platform providing a wide choice of quality inputs to farmers at their doorstep.